2011-04-23 16.51.25
Just got back from Speech Craft by at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus from 9am to 5pm. Really tired but it is worth. It is basically 2 days public speaking workshop and it is only RM40 for 2 days + free meal. Unfortunate, I need to skip the food that they serve due to my diet plan.

2011-04-23 16.25.05
It is quite fun where I learn a lot of new things that able to improve my public speaking skills.

“Speaking is an art that needs to be mastered. Everyone can do it but not everyone does it well.”

2011-04-23 16.24.47
We learn how to control our voice volume level, body language and prepare a short speech in less than 1 hours.

2011-04-23 11.23.14
Tomorrow gonna be awesome! Another 9am-5pm session!