Last month I had an opportunity to shooting for #SomebodyLikeMe campaign and it’s really interesting. I learnt a lot during the shooting and it changes my perception towards people who have HIV/AIDS.
The question is, how many of us understand what AIDS is all bout? We often look down to those who carry HIV/AIDS. Trust me, they don’t ask for it. Some of them even infected through blood donation.
Today, It is a day where people worldwide unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate those who have lost their lives to the virus.
I have done my part same and how about you? #SomebodyLikeMe is here to show my support and would like for you to show yours too:!
#SomebodyLikeMe want you to educate yourself on all the risks before “having fun” at
Did you know that 66% of new HIV infection cases in Malaysia are from the age of 20 to 39? #SomebodyLikeMe didn’t know that and I’m shocked to know this!
Myth: If you’ve recovered from an STI, you’ll never get STIs again.
Fact: You may be infected again if you do not take proper precautions to decrease the risk of acquiring STIs when you engage in sexual behaviours. Further to this, some STIs cannot be treated.
#SomebodyLikeMe is curious and would like to know what you think of this:
Some of the artists who supporting this cause.