When talk about social network, I always ask myself how far the information can be reach. What is social network is all about and does it impact to my life? I could not manage to answer all of it since I just started to understand what social network all about. To be part of social network, I really need a gadget that can let me do my work. Not only socialize but also reply my email etc.

What make the Nokia N8 is good for social network? It is have the pre-installed Social Network application by Ovi. It is awesome right? With one application, I can connect with all my friend and also to be part of the social network. With this application, the contacts in the phone can be linked to their social network, i.e Twitter and Facebook via the Ovi by Nokia.

Today, I would like to show you guys what Nokia N8 can do in order to be a gadget that useful for social network user.

1: Facebook.
2: Twitter.
3: Foursquare.
4: Mail.
5: Phone book integrated to the social network.
6: SMS and uploading photo in easy way (extra).

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Facebook & Twitter application!

1: Open your menu page.
2: Press on social network icon.

3: This is how the Facebook and Twitter under Social Network look like. Press on Facebook or Twitter icon to activate it.

4: Log in your Facebook account and start connect and poke your friend.

4: You also can connect with your Twitter.It is also same procedure like how you log in Facebook account. Once you log in, start spread the news in twitter!


1: Open your menu page.
2: Press on Foursquare icon (can be download from OVI store for FREE).

3: This is how the Foursquare looks like. Nice, easy to understand and start collect your mayorship.


1: Open your menu page.
2: Press on mail icon.

Email 2
Log in your Gmail and Hotmail account. Once you done it, you can start read and reply email that you receive.

Phone Book!


1: Go to phone book page.
2: Find the particular person that you want to find at social network. Example given is “Firdaus Feeq”. Press Social Network icon.
3: The contact N8 phone book will be integrated to the social network.

SMS and uploading photo!

Nokia N8 sms is a little bit different where it is looks like chatting in skype. With the conversation features that have in messaging folder, it is really nice and looks better when I want to SMS someone.

The reason that I not really need to use twitpic anymore because that Nokia N8 also have uploading photo features where you can straight upload it once you capture it.

How is it? It is simple. Capture any photo of your choice. Once you capture it, the photo will come out like like the example has been given (above). Press the icon on the top corner (red color arrow). Once you press it, you can share it at your Facebook or Twitter. It will be uploaded to your social network.


So, what you think about my review? If you want more than that, stay tuned!

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