This is my 1st time went to SMCKL. SMCKL is a Social Media Club who platform to host conversations that explore key issues facing the society as technologies transform the way they connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.

30.06.2010 is Social Media Day!

Yesterday, I went to the study case study night where I also received some Cziplee and Papa John’s gave a 50% discount voucher. So, there have five companies who using a social media
in Malaysia talk and share their stories and overcoming the challenge.

Foursquare: http://foursquare.com/venue/421166
Location: Plug N’ Play, Technology Garden Level 7 The Gardens South (Mid Valley)

iPhone & iPad everywhere woot woot!

With the social media advertising, at least you must have device that able connect you to the internet. So, that’s normal everyone play with their toy on that day. Errrr… For dusty? no comment XP

1st Speaker, Canon.
They started the social media advertising 2years ago where the management was againts it strongly! Since they believe that it’s important to their product, so they bring their own laptops, and use broadband at work. In august 2009, that’s the moment where youtube, twitter and facebook started. They also do blogger engagement such as Goldfries, Kim Ong, Namewee, etc.

Youtube: iLikeCanonCamera HERE!
Facebook: Canon Camera Malaysia HERE!
Twitter: @CanonCameraMalaysia HERE!

2nd Speaker, BFM Radio
I never listen to BFM since I prefer Hitz fm or My fm. Since now I knew what is BFM about, I might will start on my radio and listen to BFM. For those who do not know, BFM upload all their podcasts to their website.

Website: BFM HERE!
Twitter: @BFMRadio HERE!

3rd Speaker, Crocs
Crocs came and share how they use a social media advertising as one of the way to promote their brand. They alos introduce their official bloggers.

Webiste: Crocs Malaysia HERE!
Facebook: Crocs Malaysia HERE!
Twitter: @crocsmalaysia HERE!

4th Speaker, MYEG Club
The speaker was inform us that they had a Facebook page, started in November 2009. However in mid-May 2010, Facebook decided to delete the page. The best part is, their Twitter. Just look for the word, like myeg, road tax and saman. You will be reply by them and help you as much as they can.

5th Speaker, P1 W1MAX
I believe that most of us know about the Project Alpha right? No? Click HERE! They not only sponsor Project Alpha but also 15Malaysia. The most video I like is Potong Saga & Chocolate.

Like usual, everyone go around chat and share their an experience. I met few of twitter friend that I never met in a real person such as patrick… who ask u put different picture at twitter ^^

The turn out is really great!

Q&A session with the audience.

Some of the professional who used social media advertising!

End up the day with dinner at mamak and celebrate Rebecca birthday.