For those who follow my other blog, CeritaFF.Com you must know that I’m heading to Singapore this week to buy my engagement ring. Yes, I’m, going to engage soon. Like, finally right? hahaha
As a social media enthusiast, my partner and I couldn’t live without the internet. So, this is the best internet package for internet junkies like us. Nowadays, we can just depend on Whatsapp to make a call as long we have a data plan.

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100GB promotion offer is valid till 31 December 2015.
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Updated: 9.11.2015 :
So I have remaining of 3 days on the hi Tourist SIM card. So far only used almost 2GB. Totally worth, especially for people who use social media 24/7 #CeritaFF like us.

Next time if you travel in a group, just buy this SIM card and share with a group of friend. You have 100GB to use in 5days.