Fatin and I just got back from Singapore yesterday. So, this a recap what we did over there. Meet up with some of our wedding sponsors, buying an engagement ring, brought her around, shopping, etc.
YES! I’m getting engage. Soon, really soon. 
The day before we went down to Singapore, we drop by to meet up with one of our wedding sponsors. I will talk more about it later on.
So, for those who want to sponsor our wedding, do let us know hahaha
The first thing we did in Singapore upon arrival is to get ourself internet connection. We use Singtel hi Tourist SIM card. Totally worth it. SGPD15 for 5 days and you can get 100GB of data. For more information, HERE!
This is her first time in Singapore, so I treat her like a tourist. Brought her to “must-visit-place-in-Singapore” from morning till night. 
People said Singapore is clean. She approves it hahaha 
 Did a quick shopping for her family and friends.
Grew up in Singapore, I must admit fast food is a must. Well, McD Singapore is really good. Chicken nugget with Curry sauce and French Fries shaker seaweed flavour is a must.
Cheap but good. Nostalgic. This is what they call “Singapore Ice cream”. SGPD1.20. Easy to find at the tourist attraction. You can go for bread or biscuits.
Yes, it was raining cats and dog, but well, the trip must go on. Went to a sex shop in Bugis Street, hahaha just kidding. 
Every country have the city of light. Unfortunately, the Merlion is under construction. So, the photo of Marina Bay Sand is much nicer.
They said, women are full of thought they said. 
Attending relative wedding in Singapore.
The main purpose of the trip is… buying our engagement ring. Do check out our blog at: www.ceritaff.com
Previously I get interviews by her parents. So, this is a revenge hahaha
Till we meet again, Singapore.