Recently, my fiance (fatinbella) and I,  we were looking for a house to rent. I know it’s hard to find a house that suit me and my budget. I would say I prefer something modern and simple. Not too big or too small. Just nice for both of us. Finally, we get to rent Silk Residence. It is a service residence. We rent for 2 years.
We were quite lucky to get nice owner and agent. We get the biggest unit with awesome partly furnish. Other than that, we also get nice LED lights, cute yellow light, door grill, cooking cabinet, exhaust fan, wet kitchen window and not to mention VERY LOW new air conditioner installment from the owner (as low RM30/month).
There have 3 types of house: 942sqft, 1021sqft & 1124sqft. Our unit is 1124sqft (21st floor) and I can see the sunset. Other than that, it is not facing the main road. means that, it won’t be noisy especially early in the morning.
For RM1000/month, we are totally satisfied with the units. Add on RM100 per month for the comfortable (3 x air conditioner). So, our total of rental is RM1100/month.
Basic unit : RM900/month. You will get an empty unit even without fan, light etc.
Partly furnish unit : RM1000-1400/month. Some agent offers with cabinets, fridge, water heater, bed, etc.
Fully furnish unit : RM1500-2000/month. Basically, you just have to carry luggage.
I will share the exterior look and facilities of this unit on my next post.
Master Room
For us, we go for basic partly furnish where we get LED lights, fans, water heater and cooking cabinet. At first it’s only RM1000/month, but we have opted to add on RM30/unit for 1HP aircond and RM40/unit for 1.5HP. So, we decided to add on aircond just in case if we need it when there’s a lot of people. So far, we don’t really need it since it is very cold at night.
We did a survey with other agent as well and so far his offer is the best. This is my first conversation with the agent. Somehow I felt, this is the unit that I should get.
[11:34 AM, 9/15/2016] Agent Silk Wong : Hi…the cheaper rental is rm888 but it is excluding maintenance fee…however maintenance fee is rm250 but u only pay extra rm112 maintenance fee…this house is provided two nos water heaters with pumped…every room has a ceiling fan itself…size is 1124 ft2..big size..corner unit..3 room and 2 baths…2 carpark provided …that mean total payment u need to pay is rm1000 monthly including maintenance fee…tq..
[11:34 AM, 9/15/2016] Agent Silk Wong : If u confirm to rent, the payment as below:-
1) 1 month advanced rental is rm 1000
2) 2 months security deposit is rm 2000
3) half month utilities is rm 500
4) prepare tenancy agreement with stamping charge is rm 200 ( 2 year )
Total payment is rm 3700..tq..
Small room. 
Actually, it looks like a medium room for me. We plan to put queen bed and make this room as our study / blogging room. So at least both of us can focus on blogging at night / weekend
Medium room
This room is actually bigger than master room. Except without the toilet. This room will be a guest room.
Just nice for me and I do really love this kind of toilet. The toilet, marble, etc.
Dry Kitchen 
Just lack of a fridge and cabinet, or else everything will be perfect.
Wet Kitchen
Did we mention that our owner is really nice? Not only they put the door grill and free cooking cabinet, but also they add on window and exhaust fan. Actually, this place usually people use for cooking and wash cloth. I prefer to cook outside so that my floor won’t be that oily.