Should I Attach with Someone?

This is the question that I receive all of the time. When it comes to relationship, I always ask myself that does I am ready for it?

I have an experience in a relationship and I think I start scared to attach with someone. Some people might see that I am perfect but actually I am not. I have been in situation where some people misunderstand when I close with a lot of girls. In my University itself, I always hang out with my own click. I do not want to active like what I have done in my previous University. For those who do not know, most of my time I spend in front of computer, surf internet or went to event. It is very hard to find someone that you like and can understand your life. I still have at least 10 years more to go in order for me to get what I want.

Usually when I hang out with girls, I will hang out with my friend girlfriends since I will remind myself that all of them are attached and I will avoid liking them.

Recently, there have someone who is really nice with me and always help me a lot in my study. She does not know that I active in blogging until her brother found out and her family totally perception change after they know that I always went to club to attend an event. For them, the understanding of clubbing is people who went to club and they do not like it. Oh well, that is not a big deal for me since I never have any plan to attach with her and the reason that I close with her because I really sincere to be her friend. Since she is Malay, they do not want someone who went to clubbing to be her partner and their perception on me is I am a “wild” kids.

There have one more girl who close with me as well and told me once that she like me. I never give any feedback yet since I told her that I would like to concentrate in my exam. Until now I haven’t tell her anything. I have an experience to attach with Chinese girls and I really scare the same issue will come out again. Yes, for her religious is not important but how about her family.

There still have few more girls that I close with but I lazy to write in my blog. I always ask myself why I should attach with someone. I really need it or it is just because I want it? Or it is because most of my friend attached. I see there is no reason for me to attach with someone if at the end will make my life suffer.

Some people ask me, what types of girls that I want attach with. Well, this is my list of types of girl that I would not attach with (some of it). Pampered, active in social media, clubbing, guy-pay-everything mentality, childish, wear a thick make up and materialistic.