Should Blogger Get Paid?

How much blogger worth?

Blogging advertising can create awareness?

That is the question that I always receive from some of the PR company and event organizer. For your info, one of the reasons that I continue blogging is in order for me to help other blogger. I try to be a blogger relationship where I happy to see blogger united.

When it came to collaboration between blogger and awareness, sometime I think how much the blogger worth. Blogger is part of the social network and the power of social network is really strong. Nowadays a lot of company start realised how powerful the social network can create awareness. It is a good sign for the social network user. It is doesn’t mean that social network try to take over the traditional advertising but we try to be part of advertising. A lot of people spend their time in front of computer and surf internet. It is also has been proven by the statistic where Malaysia have the largest social network friend compare with other country and even Japan is the less country who have social friend.

According to BBC News:
“Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest. This is one of the findings of a large-scale research project, looking at online behaviour around the globe. It also found that digital sources are overtaking TV, radio and newspapers as the media channel of choice for 61% of the online population around the world. The study, conducted by research firm TNS, interviewed 50,000 consumers in 46 countries for the study”.

“In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway. This contrasts to an average of just 29 friends in Japan, and 68 in China. The results could suggest “a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships,” thinks TNS’s chief development officer Matthew Froggatt.”

In the marketing activity, word of recommendation is one of the good ways to approach the consumer. Blogging also can be consider as word of recommendation with the attractive way where the people can view it and read the feedback.

If you have really looked into these social networks long enough, you’ll realize that:

1. Facebook: The target markets that normally they have are the modern and web-savvy users. Most of them are spend their time on friends and application such as games. It is also a new era generation for a contact. For the percentage of conversion sales are lower (for regular-sized profiles).

2. Friendster: I am a friendster user who active (previously).Friendster doesn’t hold a lot of attention, but definitely hold much better time on site (they are different). Some people might think that Friendster a little bit out-dated but Friendster also has their own supporter. Some people still prefer Friendster compare with other social network.

3. MySpace: For those who are really into music field, I really suggest you guys to support MySpace. In Malaysia itself, it is widely known as‘music’-induced site. Not only MySpace holds a mix of Malay & Chinese community and also Indians it will help the music industry increase. Artists often hang a lot here. We can see that the application use is less than Facebook, but for who are more into media line, this is the 1st place come out in their mind.

From the chart, you can see that September 2009 carried X unique visitors (not visits) for these mediums:

Facebook: 124,579,479, Visits/Visitors: 3.69
Friendster: 1,156,102, Visits/Visitors: 18.38
Myspace: 50,229,156, Visits/Visitors: 11.2
Tagged: 3,644,638, Visits/Visitors: 11.27
Twitter: 23,538,791
Plurk: 214,551

For those who think want to hire a blogger to do a review or pay sentence amount to advertising on social networks, there have a lot of things that must be consider.

Everything in this world has their agenda. Same goes to advertising. Be careful with the social network user game. I believe a lot of people know that different sites are different profiles and different demographics.

You might want to consider this:

1. Ads on more famous social networks could increase your reach, but decrease visibility due to a long list of factors.

2. Social networks generally have higher viewership rates, but lower sales conversions because attention needs to be deviated from actual purpose of using the site.

3. Ad intent for FMCG product sales performs much better (and cheaper) in deeper pages. Text could outperform display banners at times.

4. Ads could be a nuisance when user experience is interrupted. If you want attention, make a friend or give them some value. (E.G. Games)

5. Ads should always tell a story – Not just plain ad-copies. If you plan it well and make it a hybrid campaign, it works much better.

6. Ads should always direct a user (to the landing page) and show results immediately. Not drag them long or use promotional talk. (Applies to web savvy audiences & not-interested users).

7. Ads that run too long tend to garner less attention. Create a few mini-campaigns and split them into each marketing week.

8. Ads don’t work well if there isn’t a connection between tangible value of product vs. ad-copy. Give what you promise them, at least a little first.

9. Flashy ads don’t work too well (and for FB, it’s not allowed) on social networking sites for sales conversion. Tell a story instead.

The questions are:

Should blogger get paid?
How much the blogger worth?
How to rates the blogger?
If you an organization, would you pay the blogger?

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