Hi guys, currently I am helping out my friend to find a Malay girl who is interested to be part of the new Malay food website program. They are a coming out with a  new Malay website that is gonna serve 100% in Malay language.
The best part is, they are scouting for new faces! Do not worry if you think you have never been in front of  a camera. As long you like it, we can work together to improve along the journey.
The videos shot is gonna appear in our food website.
1) Malay girl.
2) Blogger.
3) Able to speak in Malay.
4) Happy go lucky+ Great personality!
5) Love to join us for our new project.
For those who are interested,  please send your detail such as:
1) Full Name
2) Photo of yourself (half body)
3) IC Number
4) Contact Number
5) Working/studying
6) Blog url
7) Experiences.
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