Yes, I would like to introduce my new baby who make my family complete. I mean for the moment until I manage to grab my new baby by middle of December. Means, that is the hint for me to work harder and earn more money.

I would like to thanks all my friend who help me to find this gear. You know who you are. Since my kit lens is not working well, it is the hint for me to grab my new baby and bring it back home.

Should I introduce my new baby?
Since I always shoot in low light, I really need something that can make my photo quality good since I not really good in photography.

I decided to grab…

Tamron 17-50 F2.8 VC

For those who wondering what lens that you guys should get once your kit lens die, you may want to read my buddy Azrin blog post HERE! (He talked about the 2 lenses which often people go after to replace their kit lens which is the EF-s 18-55)

My first and second shot with my new baby.

Who want buy my Canon 18-55mm (kit lens)?
Let me know.