I received a lot of feedback on my facebook and twitter, people asking me about the new stuff I bought for my studio. Not to mention my client who came to my studio and was really interested in this small green color thingy.
I bought this new thing for my photography studio when I notice that people that come to my studio will spend at least 3-4 hours for a photoshoot. Since I really care about client satisfaction, and I do not have the budget to serve them hot milo, or even buy a coffee maker, I got an alternative.
People tend to forget about how important and good it is to drink mineral water. Thanks to Spritzer, they came out with a new interesting product. Let me introduce you to Spritzer Mini Dispenser!
One of the good thing is that the Spritzer mini dispenser is really lightweight and you can simply move it anywhere you like.
You can choose to buy 500ml or 1500ml of water. In my opinion, I prefer the 1500ml since it is much cheaper for my studio. So, people who come to my studio can drink this mineral water to refresh themselves.
It is also simple to put together. First, you need to pull the rings to remove the handle (I already removed it earlier) and then remove the green color sticker.
Do not remove the cap. Once you remove the green color sticker, place the bottle upside down to fit into the mini dispenser. It is really simple right? Guess what? It is totally spill-proof!
If you ask me where did I get this awesome Spritzer mini dispenser? I bought it in Giant and you also can get it from ALL Giant Hypers, 99 Speedmart, Aeon Jusco & Esso/Mobil Petrol Kiosk outlets. It’s under the bottled water section on the lower racks.
Price? Some people even asked me in facebook how much I bought it for. So, let me make it easy for you. This is the price that I got from Giant hypermarket:
RM 32.90 for 1 Dispenser & 2 Bottles.
6 Liter Bottles is RM 13.95 and RM 20.00 for the 9.5 Liter Bottle.
I think I don’t have to tell you which one is value of money right? I believe that the price is really cheap and it is suitable for personal use or small businesses.
It is really a good idea that I bought it for my studio since my studio is located on the second floor. People who come to my studio are gonna be exhausted since the only way to come to my studio is by stairs. Some of my client told me that it is a really a good idea that I put it in my studio, at least they can drink during the photoshoot. For me, client is satisfaction is really important.
So yea… mineral water is not only healthy but also refreshing. I think I’m gonna buy another one and put on my working table so that I can drink it while doing my work.
Thanks to Santapan Istimewa who treated me Subway right after I bought the Spritzer mini dispenser. Kinda healthy right, eating subway with mineral water? =3
So, what are you waiting for? Just heading to the nearest hypermarket or you can buy it online at

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