Today, another new device came to the city. If you like something that have a big screen, can connect you with the internet, let you have fun with the application that can download it for free and last but not least can use it as a phone call as well, you might interested to continue read the whole post.

FeeqSays Network in the Samsung Galaxy Tab!
Yes! I am talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Once again, the global leader in mobile technology and the leading integrated communication provider brought you one of the latest innovation that can satisfy their user.

The gadget with the awesome features and application came to the city brought by and Samsung and Maxis.

*Photo credit to Jason

So here you go…
Once you get your Galaxy Tab, you can show off to any girls LOL

*Photo credit to Jason

I just wonder what will happened to iPad once the Galaxy Tab reach to the market. Does Galaxy Tab will win the market choices or iPad still be the top gadget that a lot of people like to play with it since both also offer application and the features that almost the same.

One of the marketing activity that might can help other brand still survive when the other competitor came with the almost same features and function, it is a branding.

Some people might like Galaxy Tab compare with the iPad because of the features. Some people might like iPad since the features is just slightly different and because of the iPad is apple brand, there still have people who like iPad. So, it is depends to individual choice.

*Photo credit to Jason

I cannot tell you how the good Galaxy Tab it is since I haven’t use it. From my observation, Galaxy Tab have a lot of features that can make some people think twice when they want buy iPad such as camera 3.2mp, support flash, 16GB internal memory and can add 32GB microSD compare with the iPad.

Thanks to Samsung and Advertlets for the invitation.

Foe those who interested, you can get it with RM2, 699.00 (retail price) and you also can subscribe the Maxis plan.

So, who plan to grab it? Visit your nearest Maxis centre for more info!