Hi guys, this time I gonna talk about Samsung Ace review. Before we proceed to the video, there have some of the good stuff. Basically, if you are in tight budget, Samsung Ace is quite affordable and not only that, it is cheap and stylish. If you are Android fan, this is just good enough for you. It’s run in Android 2.2. For social media user, you need long battery life right? So, this Samsung Ace just a perfect!

Not everything is perfect and there have some cons about Samsung Ace such as it do not have flash player. Not only that, It is also do not have OTA updates (Android Updates).

2011-04-16 15-vert
This is how the quality of the photos:
1 – Bieber Fever day at The Curve. I still can get a good quality photo even though I do not use DSLR. Of course if I use DSLR, I can get much better quality. For the blogging sake, that quality is just as enough.

2 – This is where I stay early this month. Lucky I have Samsung Ace in my hand so that I have good time playing games and online even though need stay in the hospital 😉

3 – On my way back to KL, the sky is so blue… Candy cloud ^^

4 – Good enough for chilling in the gym

This is my 1st time do a review use video. Have a nice day.