How many of you do have an iPod or iPhone or iPad or iMac? To make it simple, how many of you have Apple product or you even play that gadget before?
I do have iPod and iPad before and when I went to my University, I always edit my photo use iMac. I just blog about iPhone 4S yesterday and today, we receive sad news where Steve Jobs left us. Even though some of us do not own it, but I believe that you guys ever see it somewhere.
Have you ever wonder what happen if we do not have computer or any cool entertainment gadget? For me, I would like to thanks to Steve Jobs because of him and Apple, a lot of gadget improved. Competition in market are always there and with competition, life become better. People try to compete with another people. When Apple come out with slim smartphone, competitor try to compete as well. Success or not is not the point.
“Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984”
Keep looking… Do not settle!
My opinion, Apple helps a lot in improvement of technology. I do not want to talk a lot about it, and let’s us pray for Steve Jobs. RIP Steve Jobs…
“Steven Paul Jobs, the co-founder and chairman of Apple, died Wednesday at the age of 56.

Born in San Francisco in 1955, Jobs grew up near Cupertino, Calif. After attending Reed College in Portland for one semester (and auditing classes for free for several more), Jobs took a job at Atari, designing circuit boards. In 1976, Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak.

The two young men started out with a few thousand dollars in cash and a vision of changing the world. Over the course of the past 35 years, the company and Jobs have gone on to change the world, the personal computing industry, the music and film industries and the mobile industry as we know.

Apple released its first mass-market product, the Apple II in 1976. The Apple II helped ignite what would become known as “the personal computer revolution” and thrust the charismatic Jobs into the spotlight. By the time IBM released its first PC in 1981 and Commodore released the Commodore 64 in 1982, Apple was already hard at work on the product that would cement Apple’s place in computing history, the Macintosh.

Brazenly introduced to the world in 1984 via a Super Bowl ad directed by Ridley Scott, the Macintosh helped set the standard for personal computing paradigms for the next decade.” – Source

Any of you have any last word for Steve Jobs? Do reply here.
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