I always believe that first impression is really important but at the same time, we can improve it. Everyone start from zero. I never hate Rebecca Black or even like her. For me, I still respect her because she dare to come out and do something. Even though people hate her because of her first video, Friday. She still try to improve herself by produce a new song. Of course this time it is better.
I still remember how many people hate Justin Bieber but he prove it that he is not a loser. In this life, there are always have a lot of people who hate us. Doesn’t matter you do a good things or otherwise. Have you think how many people outside there who hate us? For me, if you really hate Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber just ignore them.
Comment and critic is important in order to improve but how you comment and critic is the question. If you want to comment and critic, it is better you provide the solution/suggestion instead of crap comment/critic.
My Moments by Rebecca Black
Remember… You have a choice to watch or not the video =)