When HTC Malaysia approached me to be part of their family, I was wondering if they really can bring mobile photography into the next level. Something that can make people to put their camera away and start bringing one-stop-devices around. Either for leisure or business. To put mobile photography as their direction, it’s not an easy task. After almost 2 years of effort, I’m glad that HTC always came out something unique and cool. The most important, the action do the talking.
I receive HTC Desire Eye (will be launched in Malaysia soon) during the #Jalan2TangkapGambar that happened last weekend in Malacca and my first impressions is WOW. Firstly, I’m quite surprised with the hard drive. It’s not a plastic-type and the design is just simple and nice. Will talk more about it on my next blog post.
Upon arrival in Malacca, we had Asam Pedas as our lunch. Unfortunately, I’m very sick and I can’t taste anything. Photo taken with HTC One M8.
We are staying at The Baba House hotel located in Jongker Street Malacca (full review on my next blog post).  
“Here’s To Creatography” A Photo Fun & Eye Experience with HTC (by Leon and Influencers). Each participant received devices on the bus before we left Kuala Lumpur.
Our emcee, Melissa Th’ng. Buzz her if you need any fun and cool emcee.
We have social media influencer and media in the house; tech magazine and lifestyle magazine.
Jalan2 Tangkap Gambar‬ project in Malacca started to show positive results. One of the participants use ‪#‎htcRE‬ in public caught attention of foreign tourist.
This HTC RE Come with 16mp, 3 different colors, waterproof and the most important, you can just control (view/record) from any android or even IOS devices. Just download the apps.
It was raining during the trip and it’s really a great opportunity for them to give HTC Desire Eye waterproof test.
I know everyone loves 13mp front camera. The picture does the talking.
 Dinner at Ole Sayang Restaurant.
Spending some quality time at night with HTC and PR people to understand more about HTC direction and at the same time to know one and another better.
Overall, my experience with HTC Desire Eye is just great. I love the split capture mode, Zoe, 13mp front camera and waterproof features.
Spending quality time with tech people before we head back to Kuala Lumpur helps me to gain more knowledge about mobile devices.
I was posting a lot of stuff on my social media and this is one of the feedback regarding HTC Desire Eye.