The Golden Triangle – Set Meal RM26.70++

Authentic IndoChine CuisineThe Golden Triangle IndoChine Restaurant current outlets in Auto-City and Queenbay Mall welcomes you with its spacious rustic interior yet elegantly refined finish with wooden canopy and hardwood floors. A relatively new entry in the F&B scene in Penang, The Golden Triangle offers many wonderful delights to its diners. Famous not just for its tasty, delightful and exotic Indo Chine dishes and delicacies, Golden Triangle IndoChine Restaurant perhaps is the only restaurant in Penang serving an enormous range of dishes from Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian with an outstanding menu that matches an impeccable service for a great dining experience. As the name implies, Golden Triangle is located north of Thailand bordering Burma in the west and Indochina in the east. Aptly as the restaurant’s name, the chefs are all from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in both outlets in Queensbay Mall and Auto-City said the General Manager, Mr James Thaksin.
As for James, his association in the Thai cuisine originated from Phuket, where his grandparent and parents runs a local restaurant there. It was James’ dream come through when he ventured into Thai restaurant business more than 8 years ago in Penang. With the opening of the first Golden Triangle Restaurant in Auto-City in December 2006 and the second on Penang island one year later in December 2007 in Queensbay Mall gives a spoilt of location whether you are on the island or mainland Penang. The vast range of delicious dishes served in Golden Triangle is full of flavour and varied in its piquant taste, like their signature Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs and Choo Chee Fish (deep fried topping with Thai chili paste). If you have yet to indulge in any Laotian cuisine, Laard Chicken, (a delicious meat chicken meat salad) is a must try. And to end a grand dining experience in The Golden Triangle, an array of mouth watering representation of desserts from all three countries which includes Mango Glutinous Rice and Stream Banana Cake. The Golden Triangle IndoChine Restaurant in Queensbay Mall and Auto-City is the prefect place to take your family or business partners for a truly memorable gastronomic delight.