Last month, the Projek Travel 2nd Anniversary has been held at  Dewan Tulip, Restoran D’Saji KL Titiwangsa. Restoran D’Saji KL is the official venue sponsor. Actually, the exact date of establishment is on 1.1.2014 but given the tight schedule and preparations need to be done, then the celebration of the 2nd anniversary was created on 20/02/2016.

At first, we as admin Project Travel did not expect this response will be made on a large scale but in appreciation of the parties who have always supported us, this council will be established. We are welcome and thank goes to the guests, especially the General Manager of Hotel Tenera D’Saji Haji Muhammad Shafie as a representative of Restaurant D’Saji Titiwangsa KL, representatives from the Selangor State Economic Planning Unit (EPU), style Travel, representatives of sponsors, media partners, artists, bloggers and friends of PT.  – Projek Travel

 It’s an honor for CVS Production to be part of the event as Live Update photography & video.
 The backbone of Projek Travel.
Opening speech by Projek Travel founder, Mawardi.
Opening ceremony.
Anugerah Ikon Sahabat PT (blogger)
Eazy Izuddin
Anugerah Ikon Sahabat PT (Media Sosial)
Yazid Izzat
Anugerah Khas PT
Nurramizah Fadzil
Anugerah Penghargaan Terima Kasih
Amir Nawawi
Miera Nadhirah
Emas Putih
Bro Framestone
Neyra Shazeyra
Zulkifli Bujang
Soleh Ahmad
Gaya Travel
Some of the performance by Malaysian artist on that day:
Sarah Fazny
 Sakura Band