Hi guys…

I receive a great feedback from others readers about My Blog 1st Gathering!
I just realized that February is just around the corner! So it’s that sign for me to organize the 2nd Gathering! *fainted*

So, I just thinking + discussion with some other blogger that for Little Monkey 2nd Gathering, I would like to make something different. Not only food, but it’s combination between Food & Photography!

Broga Hill
Place too meet: McD Nearby Highway which is after the turning to Sunway lagoon.
Time to meet: 4am Leave McD (No Malaysian Time Please! coz I grow up @ Singapore XP)

People who will attend:
Rebeca and friends,

Not yet confirm:

It’s limited!
Do not worry for the transportation which is we can do a car pool!

For those who have any suggestion and interested, please reply on this thread!

For those who want confirm their attendance, please email to me your
Full name, Contact Number & URL Blog to:
Before 29.01.2010 (12pm)

P/S: I need your feedback and suggestion ^oo^

Some picture from Google!
Broga Hill