When talk about the best selling Malay movie at the moment, I would say Polis Evo. Well, as you can see from social media, they receive positive feedback and high ranting for it. So far, the ticket collection is up to 8 million ever since it release in Malaysia.
I’m not a fan of Malay movie, but this Polis Evo is something that’s worth every single penny. Just look at their trailer and OST, they really put effort on it. Basically, this Polis Evo is something like a Jackie Chan movie, Supercop.
If you are looking for action and comedy, this movie is the answer. I love how the director playing around with the angle and the content. The action and comedy is not too draggy. Overall, I give them 8/10.
Starring Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak, the film follows two policemen, Khai and Sani, who have very different personalities. However, they have to put aside their differences when they have to work together in a mission to defeat a drug trafficking syndicate. 
Release Date: 17 Sep 2015
Genre:Action / Comedy
Running Time: 120 minutes
Director:Ghaz Abu Bakar
Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Zizan Razak, Mimie Ernida, Nora Danish, Wan Hanafi Su, Pablo Amirul, Amerul Affendi