In the business, I always believe with 5 thing. GOD, push until limitation, hard working, sincere and help other people. With this five thing, I believe that my business will success.
So, one of it is push until limitations. The renovation started since last Friday and today is the last day. Yes! It is only 3 days with the minimal man power.
Day 1
Basically we only clean the whole studio by removing all unnecessary stuff. The hardest part is the main stage where we need to cut into two before we can bring it down. With only 8 man power, we manage to make it down within 5hours.
Right after all of them went back home, I came back to the studio at 1am to cover all the “joining” on the partition by using filter (some kind of white color thingy)
Day 2
The next day, 3 man power continue painting since 8am in the morning.
So, today is the last day. Hopefully wall will done =)