Last few weeks, went to DCIM at Midvalley with bunch of blogger to experience 7D with the DOP filmography. Thanks to Canon Malaysia & Advertlets, we managed to try and experience the DOP filmography ready Canon EOS 7D attached with a 100mm Macro F2.8L IS USM at Starbucks Midvalley during the DCIM to give it a test & play with it.

Yeah, I almost kena poison by the 7D lucky I still prefer 5D Mark2.

So, all of us having fun with the 7D. I like the top right picture where Jeremy & Brenden looks like want to experiment the camera by holding the books and the way that they handle the camera XD

The Canon 7D that attached with the Macro Lens make it looks awesome!

Facing the camera. The flap on top prevents from ghosting/flaring from sun light. Something like the lens hood for normal DSLR Lens.

Follow Focus Kit. The DOP Follow Focus is designed specifically for DSLR /HDV video kit cameras with light weight, quick release clip-on clamp, allowing a slip-free, smooth and accurate movement.

Since everyone excited about it, all of us do a short video and we took turns to say a few words in front of the camera. This is where I TRY to interview Jason what he think about Canon since he use Nikon ^^

Playback time!