Last Saturday, 21.11.09, MyC! office transform from the event + magazine office to gala night for a few hours!

Hot girls with hot cocktail dress and Good looking ^^ guy with a formal black coat.
The idea was inspire by MJ when he & bos went to Singapore for the Standard Charted Bank Event.

Most of MyC! staff arrive at office around 8.45am and what can I say?
Lets the photo do talking!!!

Jhon…enjoying sunset? XDXD

Siang Way…No Comment!



Eiko help Zoe ^^

Pat help Ellyse ^^

Everybody busy with make up & hair stylish.
MyC! Staff have a talent XOXOXO

Exchange camera & camwhore war begin!!!

Ermm…No comment guys XD

Me & Pat.

Me & Hani.

From left…Christine, FeeQ & Rehka.

From left…Stephanie Liam, FeeQ & Vivienne.

Me & Nikki.

so hot leh…
aircond rosak ka? =.=”