I’m here! Last day! There have this saying when you do not have a lot of money, you have a lot of stuff to buy. I’m lucky enough to get my cooker fix at Philips Warehouse Sales at KLCC. My induction cooker just broken and it’s so coincidence there has this warehouse sale.
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I’m trying to change my way of eating. Eating clean is the best way so I have to cook for myself. Since I can’t afford for the @philipsmy air fryer, I go for the alternative. I got for myself this induction cooker for only RM129 (after like their facebook page). Air fryer is only RM899 (warehouse price) normal price is RM1199. For those who miss it, you can just go to their website and get a rebate of RM50 with purchase over RM200 http://philips.com.my/
I’m so lucky. When I just about to leave, @philipsmy shaving and beauty booth having a happy hour promo. I’m getting for myself this electronic shaver for only RM99 instead of RM199. Good deal isn’t? As an entrepreneur and full time blogger, I need to be quick so that I won’t waste my time on unnecessary stuff but at the same time to look good. I really need this ‎electronic‬ shavers.
Since I haven’t gotten my Christmas gift, this is  a heaven place for me since the person I want to give the gift is cooking lover. The products some are 50% percent off the retail price and worthwhile to get them for  your home used.  
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Basically, all Philips products are available. 
It’s hard to say no to rice and less salt. Need to ‪#‎eatclean‬ to get good body shape.