When is last time you watch Peter Pan?
Do you still remember a place where you would not grow up?
Will be a cute kids forever?
1 green boy fly fly and fly?

I am not talking about cartoon but it is a musical!

To be honest, if you ask me between movie screening and musical, I will choose musical. I still remember my 1st time went to KITA the Musical. At first, I do not want go but since my blog is featured at Isatana Budaya I “force” to go. Lucky I went and musical is really awesome.

When talk about Peter Pan the Musical, all musical production are different but not all of them are unique. So, what is the unique of Peter Pan the Musical? It is not only will held at Amphitheater Sunway Lagoon but also the performers and audience can truly immerse themselves in the Neverland-like atmosphere of the outdoor amphitheater.

Psssttt… Do you want to know something? One of the lead performer who plays Wendy, just married not to long ago. She suppose to stay at home and take care her family but because of her love for performing arts, she still made the effort to fly all the way here to perform her role.

Some people ask why Crocs involved with Peter Pan?
Crocs is one of the official sponsors. Since Crocs always carry the happy/ jolly theme as the brand is all about fun, joy and colourful it is really suitable with the theme of Peter Pan.

Let me tell you something. If you buy any pair of Crocs at Crocs Sunway Pyramid and you will receive one (1) complimentary ticket for RM1 only. Get the second, third, fourth ticket at RM25 each only! While stocks last! Limited to 100 tickets only!

When is the ticket’s screening time?
19th December 2010 at 530pm at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

When does that above promo start?
19th November 2010 until while stocks last

The 1st night of the performance will be on the 26th of November 2010 and the last performance on January 2nd, 2011.

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Are you ready?
Aye aye captain!


Get your ticket at:
Sunway Lagoon (603-56390000)
Ticket Charge (603-92228811)
AirAsiaRedTix –

Public Bank cardholders get 40% off ticket prices.

December is a Christmas season. So, Sunway Lagoon has decided to give away up to 400 seats per show to the underprivileged as charity. So any of the local homes and associations of the underprivileged, do contact Vanessa Tan / Nikki Goh at +603 7710 3288 to find out more on how to gain access to this one of a kind experience.