Hi guys, I will be giving a Pets Photography talk at Pet Carnavale. It will be held in Jaya One on 14/7/2012 10am-5pm. My slot on 11.45am-12.15pm. If you have nothing to do, drop by Jaya One on 14 July 2012 ya! I will share my experience/tips how to photograph your own pets and to make sure your photos will be nice. Not to mention that there will have a lot of cool events.

This is current promotion from Creative Visual Studio and guess what? If you find us in our booth at Pet Carnavale (Booth no 9) there will have a lot of awesome promotion. NOT only that, for the 1st 30 people (1pm-4pm), if you come to our booth and bring your pets photo, we will print for you… FOR FREE!

Check out more detail: HERE!
Do not forget to visit Pet Carnavale on 14 July 2012 for tonnes of exciting activities and retail therapy for your pets! See you there 🙂

More photo of pets: HERE!
iTHINK I will bring my Kitty too =)