Right after I had fun going around the Malay village and went to Low Tide Tour, I went back to Sepoi-Sepoi cafe to collect my new toy. Thanks to Pentax who loan me Optio W90.
So basically, all of the bloggers receive 1 camera each from Pentax. Some of us receive DSLR and some of us receive compact camera. I requested for something that I can use underwater and something that can be used in any condition since I understand that I’m gonna undergo “army” training at Awana Genting. So, Pentax generously provided me with the Pentax Optio W90.
Basically, this Pentax Optio W90 is good for those who do not know how to take care of their camera. Errr… I mean for those who love to do all kind of adventurous activities. You can see how solid it is. I have not tried throwing it to people yet but I believe that people’s head is gonna bleed 😉
Some of the features that I look forward to are Waterproof to depths of up to 20 feet (I managed to test it during the “army” training in Awana), Shockproof from drops as high as 4 feet from the ground (I manage to test it when I fall from the hill), Coldproof/Freezeproof down to 14ºF/-10ºC (I manage to test it when I wash it in Awana Genting) and Dustproof (I manage to test it during my hiking in Awana Genting).
Yes.. the most of important features, I got test it during my “army” training in Awana Genting. So, stay tune for the next blog post ya.
Amelia showed us the prize for the Best Photo category. This camera is really good and it is worth around RM2000.
By the way, I forgot to tell you guys that the Pentax W90 that I received also has 5X optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent) which allows me to zoom zoom and zoom into people from far. It also has Face Detection, Smile Capture and Blink Detection. Cool right?
This is us… with our Pentax camera. I received Optio W90, Tian Chad with his Pentax Optio RZ10 and Nigel with his RS 1000 Angry Bird edition. Yes… it is angry bird limited edition. I got cheated when Nigel told me that I can play angry bird game with that camera.
Since all of the photos above was shot with my Pentax Optio W90 auto mode (except the second photo and the photo of me with Optio W90), I would like to share some of other features that Pentax Optio W90 has.
This is when I use “Food mode”. I use it when I want to shoot food picture. With this mode, it is gives me more color and macro photo quality. You can see the water drop on my pepsi glass as well. Tips: When you want to use a food/macro mode with Pentax Optio W90, make sure you put your subject near to the light. The best light is natural light. It will make the photo look nicer.
Since I stayed in a resort, how about we see what this Pentax Optio W90 can do with “Landscape mode”. I used the landscape mode when I want to shoot pictures of sunset. So, this is what I got from Pentax Optio W90. Nice right? Tips: When you want to shoot sunset using a landscape mode, please make sure that your hand is not shaking. If you feel that it is hard, use tripod or put it somewhere that can avoid it from shaking.
Another feature that Pentax Optio W90 has is “panorama mode”. With this panorama mode, you can say bye-bye to wide angle lens. Tips: To get a good panorama shot, make sure you combine it properly in order to get 1 line straight. Or else, your photos are gonna be like…
…this is my first shot of panorama photo using Pentax W90. It is kinda weird right? So, please extra be careful when you use panorama mode.
At night, all of the bloggers went to have dinner in one of their banquet hall. Actually I have been told that they have Malaysian night. So, this is my chance to try how good this Pentax W90 works in low light condition.
During the Malaysian night, they had a lot of Malaysian cultural performance and of course a lot of good Malaysian food. From seafood to dessert, how else I can describe our last night in Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa Sepang? One word only… Fantastic!
I am so surprise of the photo quality. It turned out quite good. Thanks to their ISO controller that I can use from 80-6400! The good things is I still can get the best shot since Pentax W90 do has autofocus assist lamp, new LED macro lights built into the lens ring and of course the new digital microscope mode. Life is just easy right? I get the best shots without carrying a huge camera.
The moment I saw the crab and Pepahat, I straight away take my plate and… walllaaahhh… eat eat eat non stop!
The dinner is was just amazing. Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa treat their customers really well especially when it comes to the food. With the 12.1 megapixel sensor from Pentax W90, I would not have any problem in making my photo look good. The foods don’t only look nice in the photo but also in the real life… ya… it is really nice… *drooling*
They have a lot of variety. Especially the dessert area. I am so clever. I sat near with the dessert station and it is easy for me to make my tummy bigger and bigger. Keep eating dessert non stop. If you ask me what is my favourite dessert, of course Macaroons, Bread pudding, Tiramisu and Fruits!
For those who do not know, Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa provides meeting and Banquet rooms. You can organize an event or you even can organize your wedding dinner over here. Do not worry about the package because Golden Palm Tree MICE packages comprises of professional on-site event management staff and an extensive menu that can suit any palate. So, they do have all under one roof!
They have Malaysian performance too. From Kuda Kepang to the Joget Lambak, everything was just perfect. In the end, everyone went to the stage and danced together. Luckily I have the Pentax Optio W90 where I still can get good shot because it has a Pixel Track Shake Reduction. So, do not worry if you’re scared that your photo is gonna be blur.
NOTE: All of the photos above was shot with my Pentax Optio W90 + minor editing (except the second photo and the photo of me with Optio W90)
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