Finally, all of us reached “our house which we were going to stay there. This is what we call as Longhouse…which is really long. If you have the opportunity to travel to Kuching or other parts of Sarawak, long house is commonly found in the rural areas.
For those who have never seen a long house before, basically it is where the natives of Sarawak staying. One longhouse can simply accommodate more than 40 people. Amazing right?
We were informed that all of us gonna have a nice seafood barbecue in the middle of jungle. The first thing popping out on my mind was huge and fresh lobsters and crabs. I guess that was the thing which motivated all the bloggers to be energetic and enthusiastic all night long.
This is how our room looks like. I need to share with other 8 people. In Awana Genting Highlands Longhouse, they do have four rooms where each room can fit more than 8 people. I will elaborate more about this long house in the separate blog post.
Right after a quick shower, we went down to Pasar Ikan Bakar that located nearby. Our dinner started with Amelia giving a short speech thanking Awana Genting for the great experience in Awana Genting Highlands and also our lovely dinner in Pasar Ikan Bakar. Thanks to Christopher Eric Ruxton, Executive Assistant Manager of Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort who make everything perfect.
The seafood and meat served were really fresh and delicious. I love the “sambal istimewa” section. There were a variety of “sambal” for you to mix with your seafood.
I think, this is my first time eating seafood in the middle of jungle. You do not need a luxury restaurant to make your dinner great. The only thing that make everything good is when you just need to choose what you want and the chef will cook for you. This was what I experienced during my dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar restaurant!
Apart from that, they have dessert. From traditional “Malay kuih” to fruits. So, it is kind of “fine dining self service” haha I know that I am so random came out with the name.
That night, we have Mercy Akoustika Band in the house. I love the way how they sing because they can sing Malay songs, English songs, Indonesian songs and even one foreign language song that I do not understand.
My table buddy on that night. Since I do not really feeling well, I just stuck in my table instead of going around. I wish my dinner for tonight is here 😉 *thinking of teleport*
From L-R; Saleh, Kus Andi and Daniel in the house yo!
Daniel, how your exam? I hope everything going well. For those who do not know, the day after everything end (Sunday) Daniel have exam in his school at Indonesia. His exam is on Monday. Awesome right? 😉
Last but not least… from L-R; Tian Chad, Hijrah, Daniel, Dian and Andi.
Right after we had our dinner, all of us continued with our next activity. This is what we call it as blind trail. I still remember my previous blind trail that I played was 3 years ago. That was more challenging because we went to the mud and river with blind folded.
That night, all of use were totally blind. Our eyes get covered with the tissue and white color cloth. So, basically all of us need to walk follow the string that provided.
I accidentally slept while waiting for my turn since I was not feeling well since the day before.
We ended our blind folded activity with something interesting. We had a camp fire and celebrate Nigel’s birthday. Happy belated birthday bro =)
Captured Videos
Everyone please wish Nigel “Happy Belated Birthday” ya =)
Right after the blind trail activity, all of us went back to Pasar Ikan Bakar for supper. The first place that we went was toilet. Haha nature calling. Not enough with the seafood as our dinner, we had dessert as our supper. Cool right? Seems that our life full with food, games, sleep and repeated.
Last but not least, I would like to ask you something about our environment…
What you have done to save our environment in your daily activities?
(Please drop a comment of your thought ya. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I gonna to give some tips how you can use to save our world in my next blog post.)
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