A lot of people have been asking about my previous fashion photo shoot especially my grooming. We spent quite sometime before the event (Party of The Century by Empire City) to get ourself ready and thank you to those who make us look good. A lot of people have been asking what is my future plan, especially about my marriage status. 2015 seems looking promising for me as social media influencer, video producer and photographer.
This year, I’m going to 26 and I’m still building my career instead of relationship. Yes, I’m still single and from my previous experience, I realize that a relationship cannot be my priority at the moment. I’m putting my career as my priority since I believe as a man, I need to have a stable career and also reputation before I’m ready to be a family man. 
For those who follow me on my social media, I believe they know that I’m starting to focus on my health and appearance. I believe that it helps me to increase my self confidence. It’s really important to be presentable and take care my own health.
I would like to thank;
Suits : Empire City
Elvina Dress : Alicia from A&D Photography Studio
Grooming Makeup and Hair : Tyler Cheng and Jin Lee from The Glam Academy
Check out the rest of the photos below;
Thank you Tyler Cheng and Jin Lee from The Glam Academy who make me looking good.