What else I can expect from starting my year with the first event ever, Party of The Century? A night to remember. I was quite late on that day since my partner and I took quite some time to get ready. Thank you The Glam Academy who make my partner and I look good.
Upon arrival, I was quite surprised with the venue set up and it was really grand. I never expect it will be this will be good and I totally love this place! With the theme of 1920s, Empire City decided to play with black and gold theme which is it’s just perfect and bring up the standard. There have 6,000 guests and international hot stars from local and abroad are invited to the soft launch of Empire City.
The opening of the Party of the Century was done by the Korean Boy Band, 2AM!
Mark Vincent, the winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2009. He sang “You Raise Me Up”. His voice is really stunning and I believe he have the best vocal on that night.
Acrobatic violinist.
Acrobatic performance.
Paris Hilton; I really hope that she will be singing. Unfortunately, she was “dejaaying” her songs and other celebrity songs.
My partner of the event, Elvina Chua. I was quite tired on that day and I never expect my face expression turn out quite serious.
Suits : Empire City
Elvina Dress : Alicia from A&D Photography Studio
Grooming Makeup and Hair : Tyler Cheng and Jin Lee from The Glam Academy
Food was served in the VIP area. Talking about the food, there has plenty delicious food served on that day. Since I’m on a diet, I only had “Satay” and it was not that bad. The food prepared by the Berjaya University College.
Some photos taken on that day; #ReByHTC #htcButterfly2 #htcOneM8
Thank you Kai Kiat for the photo and Sidney for the invitation; #Team50MY
Instagram: @PartyOfTheCenturyMY