As a student myself, I understand how pens really play an important role in my 17 years of studying life. All these while I have been using pen to write, I am getting used of it already. Pen is the best medium that most of the people are using until now for writing things down such as jotting down notes or simply writing essays or even scribble on a paper. It works fairly equal to me. I used pen to write and it eventually became a habit. Recently, I was given a whole bunch of pens by Papermate InkJoy for a review.

What I could really comment about is, it was a feeling of beyond satisfaction without exaggeration. I am very happy using them. I was given a whole bunch of pens and each of them was coded differently of ‘RTXXX’ depending on the sizes of the nib. 

Before we go into each different type of Papermate Inkjoy sets, let me introduce how many types of them are there.  There are InkJoy 100, InkJoy 100RT, InkJoy 300RT and InkJoy 700RT.
Papermate InkJoy 100
Feature: Triangular shape for comfort, cap pen without rubber grip.
Look: Classic or fresh and modern
Ink color: Blue, black & red
Point size: 0.5mm & 0.7mm
RSP:  RM1.00/pc


I can’t actually recall having any cap pens ever since the anytime. I’d always find it very troublesome to remove the cap and put it back after using. InkJoy 100 does not come with rubber grip but it’s triangularly shaped for ease of grip. It comes with 0.5mm & 0.7mm sizes of nibs. But I would personally prefer 0.7mm as it is much easier to write and to use. However, it worth for that value of RM1. 
Next, is 
Papermate InkJoy 100RT
Feature: Retractable tip for convenience
Look: Refreshing look
Ink color: Blue, black & red
Point size: 0.5mm & 0.7mm
RSP:  RM1.20/pc
This one runs smoother compared to InkJoy 100 without any breakage. It is also made with triangular shaped body for comfort. What I like about the pen is that each new pen is covered at the nib to prevent drying out prior to use. 
Pictures of Inkjoy 300RT
InkJoy 300RT
* 3 sizes – 0.5 or 0.7 — Black Blue
* 1.0 – Black Blue Red + Purple + Pink + Turquoise
* CLICK pens
* Metal clip 
(Edit the thing like the rest)
For this, appearance wise is definitely classier and nicer than to compare with InkJoy100 and InkJoy 100RT! Beautiful pens with rubberised grip and metal clip. 

Last but not least,


Papermate InkJoy 700RT

Feature: Long-lasting durability
Look: Elegance and modern
Ink color: Blue & black
Point size: 1.0mm
RSP:  RM3.90/pc
InkJoy 700RT is a retractable pen with rubber grip, very sleek and modern design, basically all black with a hint of silver metal, ink is smooth and makes writing effortless. Personally, I don’t think there’s much difference in the smoothness of the ink for all the InkJoy pens, they’re all very smooth in overall, no ink breakage or leakage, plus the price is very very affordable
Nevertheless, it is always a joy of writing by using good pens. And of course by talking about price wise, Papermate Inkjoy definitely is affordable and a very reasonable price to buy.
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