My first spray of Orchid Perfume by Legendary Perfume make me fallen in love with the perfume. I do really love the sense and I’m quite surprise that actually orchids can produce highly fragrant perfume. This perfume is made in Malaysia by Malaysian. 
 Legendary Perfume bottle comes with volume. This perfume can last for 1-2 months and it last long every time you spray to your body. This perfume also suitable to make as a gift since it have nice packaging and design. Not to mention smells good too.
Actually I do prefer feminine sense and I’m lucky that this Legendary Orchid Perfume is unisex. However, if you are looking for 兰花香水 orchid sense, you should consider to get yourself Legendary Perfume.
兰花香水 Legendary Perfume Malaysia – Specialty Orchid Perfume