I believe that most of my blogging friends know that I am a Advertlets blogger. Actually this blog post should be up on 1st of February 2011 since my first time I serve Advertlets ads is last year 1st February. Since I am busy with my photoshoot and events, I need to delay it. Let me tell you guys that I am not writing this blog post because of Advertlets ask me to do so.

Before I continue my blog post, maybe you guys wanna read some of my thought why I choose Advertlets, HERE!

So, this blog post is not about why I choose Advertlets or how good Advertlets treat me etc. I would like to tell my reader what I learned so far and what I gain since I join Advertlets family.

I am not good in writing and I believe the more I write, the more grammar mistake I will make. So, lets move to the next one.

#1 Photography

This is what I improve a lot. For those who know me earlier, all my previous photo is really bad. I learned a lot of things not only how to take a photo but also how to set the lighting, setting etc. I do not think that I need to mention who is my photography kaki right? Support my photography journey ya ^^

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#2 Events/Party

Some people might realized that I always attend an event or party either from PR company or Advertlets it self. I would like to thanks to Advertlets who gave me an opportunity to attend a lot of event and of course I learned a lot of thing from it.

#3 Family

When talking about how Advertlets treat me, I can say that it is equal. They treat me same like how they treat other bloggers. The “family feeling” I mention earlier is the people who make me feel that I always have people who support my behind. I believe that most of you know where one of my best friend fly off to Melbourne for study last few days? If not, you can check it out HERE! We organized a farewell party and some of us even went to KLIA to meet her for the last time.

Last but not least, because of them I am FeeqSays.Com