Just back from Avenue K to check out OhhSOME Fest 2014 venue and I’m so excited!
OhhSOME Fest, or short for Ohh Social Media Festival is meant to be a festival celebrating the glory of social media in Malaysia. This Festival is the first ever social media festival in Malaysia that will be curated by social media community leaders, each representing the community of their strength.
One of the main highlight of the event would be the #Ohhsome Stage & Hotlink Zone located at the rooftop of Avenue K. There’ll be an exciting Line-Up of Artistes and also various activities to keep make you feel AWESOME!
Here’s what SKINNY BUDDIES wants you to take note of (Check out their facebook page for the latest update and grab your photos in the event from their page):
#Tip 1: Prepare For Changing Weather
You know how Malaysia’s weather is like! Assume the worst and prepare for anything. Bring along a Poncho! (Disposable ones are available in most convenient stores) It might also be SUPER-SUNNY! So you might wanna load on the sunscreen and don a hat and sunglasses.
#Tip 2: Prepare For Empty Stomach
Bring easy-to-eat, easy-to-share munchies that do not require any special preparation. Chips and pretzels are good choices. There’s also various Restaurant located on Level 3 (e.g. Fatboys Burgers, Black Bull, Samba..etc) or the food atrium on Level 2 – Enclave .
#Tip 3: Prepare For Full Bladder
There’s Toilets Available on Level 4 and on Level 3. It’s not uncommon for attendees to bring their own roll of toilet paper or pack of tissues. At the very least, hand sanitizer is a must. Hand-washing is essential at any open-air concert, especially after going to the bathroom or touching, well, anything. Other toiletries that may help with hygiene during the concert include face wipes, moist towelettes and mini trash bags. If you’re trying to avoid the inevitably long portable toilet lines, drink enough water to stay hydrated but don’t overdo it. Stay away from other liquids and high-fiber foods.
#Tip 4: Prepare For Tired Feet
Unlike stadium-seating arenas, most outdoor venues only provide standing area. Dancing close to the stage to enjoy the live music without worrying about assigned seating is a big part of any outdoor concert, but eventually weary feet will need a rest. Wear something comfortable!
#Tip 5: Prepare For Limited Parking Spaces
Only approximately 500+ parking bay available and most will be occupied by the Early Birds ( #ohhsome bazaar vendors and speaker of #ohhsome talks and staff of #ohhsomeFest) so there really isn’t much parking left. We strongly suggest ALL ATTENDEES to either park their cars in KLCC (and walk over via the under-path leading to the LRT Station) or you may take the PUTRA LRT (Station is KLCC) as the station is right beneath Avenue K and operates from 6:00am – 11:30pm during #OhhsomeFest Weekend, The Best Is Still To Grab A Cab using MyTeksi App (with Unlimited RM5 Promo Code To & Fro Avenue K for 13th & 14th Dec, book your MyTeksi ride using promo code: OHHSOME)
#Tip 6: Prepare Extra Cash and Battery Pack!
There will be close to 100 Vendors selling some really trendy apparel and products and you won’t wanna missed them out. Since it’s a Social Media Festival, you wanna make sure you have enough battery to last as you Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and capture lotsa photos Non-Stop! #OhhsomeFest #OhhsomeMY
Stay Connected With @SkinnyBuddies on Instagram for behind the scenes updates and Ohhsome Fest for General Event Information!

For Event Schedule & Program, Visit www.ohhsome.my
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