The tittle speak for itself. I’m officially receive White Studio Malaysia 2nd studio keys. Our new location will be at Parklane Commercial HUB Kelana Jaya. Inshallah, we plan to open our 3rd studio by end of  this year in Malacca.
Biar orang sibuk mengata, yang penting kita bina empayar.
Jangan jadi macam tin kosong, selalu omong kosong.
Dalam diam diam kita berkayuh, pasti banyak dugaan perlu ditempuh.

My temporary workstation at the new studio. I like the wireless system. Neat and tidy. Yes, my hard disk is wireless. Western Digital My Passport Wireless.

Some people told me I should start saving $$. For me, in order to increase $$, you should spend it. Spend means, investment. Since a lot of people PM me regarding 2nd studio, let me show you how it looks like.

So… we are looking for a second studio for and we are quite satisfied with the unit. This unit comes in two floor. Looking good. I’m so excited with my new studio.
Anyone want work as studio manager? Email us at