I used to be a student and lazy is always my excuses taking care my skin. Not to mention the price of skincare is mostly expensive. At first, I don’t feel it is important for a man to take care their skin condition till I became influencer and speaker. Recently, aQu has been collaborating with Watson to provide quality and affordable skin care especially for students.
I still looking for a good skin care for me to use regularly and the most important is to stick with one particular brand only. Hopefully this aQu skin care can fix my terrible face hahaha. I’m afraid if I mix the brand for the sake of the cheaper price, it won’t really effective.
AQU is a pioneer skincare brand in using the latest bio-technology for restoring skin hydration. AQU formulation uses a combination of exclusive plants and fruits extracts together with bio-tech ingredients that gives the skin a balanced and natural moisture. This core formula has also proven to cleanse, tone and brighten the skin naturally by reactivating the process of recovery and maintaining the hydration flow.
Recognizing the vital role water plays in skin care and the lack of water in the skin is a major cause that leads to dehydration and formation of wrinkles; AQU skincare products have arrived to provide the balanced moisture needed with a formulation based on the latest bio-technology.
With regular use, changes on the skin can be seen in less than a week, the skin will be brighter with a more delicate texture, lesser fine lines making the skin look healthier and younger.

Can this product cause the skin to peeling and leave red marks?
Not at all. AQU product does not contain substances that can cause peeling of the skin. AQU product is free from the danger of HYDROQUINON.
I am interested to try AQU products. Where can I get it?
You can purchase AQU products from our authorized agents. Please click on the Agents link for more information.
Can I use other skincare brand with AQU product?
You are encouraged to use the full set of AQU skincare product for an effective result. This is because each AQU product is interlinked to your beauty routine. A full set is only RM 132.90.
I am 40 years old with a dull skin and fine lines on the face. Which AQU product is suitable for my skin?
AQU Radiant Moisturizer can help you. You can see the changes in the skin as early as one (1) week of consistent application. Usage of AQU Face Wash and AQU Face Scrub will maximise the result.
I have oily skin in the T zone. When I use sunblock, my skin will look very shiny, especially when I sweat. Can AQU products help me?
You are advised to buy a complete set of AQU. Consistent application of the complete set; Facial Cleanser, Toner, Radiant Moisturizer, Scrub and Cream CC will help to overcome your problems.
As Carey mention earlier, there’s only 5 step for you to follow to achieve good skin:

Face scrub
An exfoliation scrub that provides nature combinations of mechanical and physical exfoliation for deep cleanses, remove dead skin cells and refine skin. It helps to prevent formation of blackhead and whitehead while stimulating cell renewal for a smoother and brighter skin.

Face wash
A skin lightening cleanser enriched with Licorice and Chamomile extracts ideal for all types of skin. Provides deep cleansing to remove grime and as make-up remover without stripping the skin’s natural oils leaving your skin with a natural healthy glow.

Refreshing toner
This refreshing toner absorbs excess oil and helps keep skin shine-free for a perfectly clear complexion. The combination of Licorice and Bearberry extract acts as an effective brightening agent. It’s beneficial in keeping your skin from having different shades or uneven skin color.

Radiant Moisturiser
Revitalizes the skin while you sleeping by locking in moisture for up to 24 hours. Wake- up to supple and satin smooth skin as fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out.

CC Cream SPF 35
This transfer-resistant formula forms perfectly to the skin for a soft and seamless result. The complexion is preserved from feelings of discomfort or tightening, remaining supple and silky-smooth from the morning through night with looks and feels fresh. It gives the guarantee of an even, smooth and comfortable skin complexion hour after hour. Live you the confidence to put your best face forward in every circumstance.

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