This is what I called “army-training”. All bloggers will be challenging their physical capabilities. Right after we had our breakfast and Tears of The Sun activity, all bloggers went for the next activity, “army-training”. As what I have mention earlier in my Pentax Optio W90 and Malaysian Night in Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa blog post, I’ll now show you more on what can Pentax toy can do.
Since all of us gonna get ourselves dipped in wet mud, I’ve decided to bring my Pentax Optio W90 instead of my DSLR. The reason behind this, It is because Pentax Optio W90 is light, dustproof, waterproof and shock resistant. It is good for adventurous photographer. More detail on what this toy can do, HERE!
We started with light warm up that was lead by Ridha Yusardi. Well, I enjoyed myself very much during this session. I think it was a good idea to have a fun and easy warm up to enlighten everyone’s mood. What say you?
Let the competition is begin! We were divided into 4 in a group. The first game that was played needed us to escape and released ourselves for the obstacle. Once we have completed it, we proceed to the next game.
The next game is where we need to walk for almost 1km (top picture). It is just a normal easy and less adventurous trek. It may look easy but the 3rd game and final game is the climax (below picture). The photo above is taken by Pentax Optio W90 by using “landscape” mode. I really like the Andi photo (right top) especially the sky and color effect. It really brings the out.
This is known as obstacle challenge activity. Since my team is the first to reach, we are the first group to experience the mud and all the obstacle. To our surprise, we saw water snake green color. With the help of my Pentax Optio W90, all of this obstacle was nothing difficult for me.
The activities that were layed before us emphasizes a lot on teamwork. We need to help each other to pass all the challenges. I salute Susan, even though she was injured but she still continue her games. Thanks to Zul and his friend who helped us.
Should I consider this as team work too? Hmmmm.. Tian Chad team was quite funny..
We jump, we climb, we swim, we fall… we still stand up on our feet. Giving up is not in our dictionary because once you give up, you are loser! Success is not a destination but it is a journey. Guys, do not give up!
Sometime in this life, you walked alone. You must be independent because there are times where you may not be able to find someone to catch your back.
Since Dian asked me to jump, I jumped lor… =) Look like duck haha
While everyone tried so hard to pass the obstacles, I had fun swimming around. This is what happen when city boy never experience swimming in the mud/river before.
One of the main features of Pentax Optio W90 is waterproof. You would not have any problem swimming around with that toy while snapping pictures away. This is how the photo looks like when I use “Auto” mode. With this key advantage in the camera, you will be able to get good and clear photos and I love the sky color too.
For those who are interested in looking into “our-swimming-pool”, here’s how it looks like. The photo is still clear. Just switch it to “underwater” mode, you will be able to get this kind of photo. It is not really clear since the water is really dirty. What do you expect when you “bath” in the mud? I wish I can try it out in my next trip to Pulau Redang to capture unique underwater creatures.
Minor injures is not a problem 😉
The question is…
What you have done to save our environment in your daily activities?
What you can do is..
– Throws an unusable dry cell battery into particular location and container to avoid the harmful metal elements polluting river.
– Save the paper, save the pencil. Avoiding sharpen the pencil too frequent.
– Avoid using plastic bag, foam lunch boxes, disposable fork and spoon. Replace it with ceramic cup and bowl.
– After eating a bubble gum, wrap it up with the paper and throw it properly into dush bin.
– Avoid eating wild animal.
– Turn off the unneeded light even when leaving a room for a short time.
– Change to use energy saving light bulb.
– Not to turn on air conditioner all the time. Adjust the temperature to 26℃ and above.
– Using Eco non woven bag insteads of plastic bag.
– Choosing the drinking water or fruit juice contained by recycle tin or bottle.
– Turn off the water tap while brushing teeth.
– For gardening, avoid using chemical fertilizer. Replace with natural fertilizer.
– Slow down the speed while driving to reduce the carbon dixoxide emissions.
As usual, group photo is must!
We end our journey by dancing in the middle of jungle. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselved very much. =)
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