When first time I step into the Fullhouse Restaurant, my first impression to the restaurant environment are cool, fantastic, marvelous… I straight take my camera to snap a few picture. Then I find the nice place to seat. The waitress so efficient when we just sat. Then the menu in our hand already. The menu also very interesting and have a lot of cartoon design. So nice. The food from picture and how they describe also interesting. But, I wonder it’s that the taste also nice like what has been describe? Because some restaurant their description and the real product different. But lucky their chef has done a very good job because the food so marvelous.

Then, Gary ask me. Where did you know about this place? I should to thanks to cheese queen because introduce the great place even though we all lost to find the place for around 30minute but it is worth.The restaurant is double story. What the nice part is just near with my table there have a group of blogger who also have their meal + photo shot at that place.

Total meals 6 of us only at RM180.00

This is the menu. Cute right? But the promotion only during lunch time 12noon – 4pm everyday

Decoration of the FULL HOUSE Restaurant

The item that they display also most of their item u can buy. That’s mean you can shopping + eat at FULLHOUSE Restaurant. Good idea.

Hunting FOOD ! ! !

I has order The Fullhouse Garden Salad as appetizer. It’s only cost me at RM 10.90 but the potion is very big as appetizer. The Fullhouse Garden Salad made by crisp ice berg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, orange, raisin, carrot and home made dressing. The dressing taste little bit sour because they mix lime in dressing.

This is what my housemate, Chooi Yee has order Chicken Soup. The soup is quite thick then they serve to guest when the soup still in warm condition. The Chicken Soup has made by smoked chicken and of course with skillful Fullhouse chef. It’s only cost her at RM7.90

This is what has I order, Grilled Lamb Chop medium cook and cost me at RM22.90 the expensive steak in the menu list. You can choose medium cook or well done. This set is tender & juicy grilled. The mashed potato is quite thick and make the taste of potato last longer in your mouth. It’s came with daily vegetable. On that day the daily vegetable are carrot and baby kailan.

This the Breaded Chicken Chop that has order by Chris and only cost him at RM12.90. The Breaded Chicken Chop set came with french fries, coleslaw and black pepper sauce. Actually you can choose either black pepper, thyme or peppermint sauce. The coleslaw and black pepper sauce they mix with raisin to make it sweet.

This is what has order by 3 girls Wok – Sear Chicken Chop only cost them at RM14.90. It’s came with mashed potato and daily vegetable.

This is Carbonara Spaghetti what has been order by Gary it’s only cost him at RM13.90. The spaghetti has made by beef bacon & mushroom with ice cream.

Dessert are sweet, that’s why people eat dessert after finish their main course. So, the sweet memories will keep in their heart…

My choice of dessert is Tiramisu that cost me at RM5.90. The FULL HOUSE tiramisu also known as Italian creamy cheese cake enchanted with espresso sponge fingers & chocolate powder. They also have other variety of dessert such as ice cream.

This is Soda Blueberry with Sour plum Mint Pop that cost them RM5.90.

This is what I has order. Chocolate peppermint Ice Blended that cost me at RM6.90. I very like their jelly and the chocolate also not too sweet.

Tea time…I has order Peppermint Tea for everyone try and it’s cost me at RM4.90. But the taste of tea not really taste peppermint even though they have the strong smell of peppermint.

Some of scenario during our dinner that drag us until almost 3 hours ^^

The last shot in FULLHOUSE Restaurant famous side for photographer before we leave.

I really hope will have another opportunity to come here again…cheers…

Then my friend mention to me the place that almost same like this one known as My Apartment at The curve…will find that place in next month after my exam ^^


Overall we will vote:

7/10 for the service because some of the waitress cant speak very well in English and also the food serving is slow.

8.5/10 for the food because their taste and the description on the menu make people interesting and also quality and quantity of the food excellent.

10/10 of course for the environment. U have done a good job man.


GPS: N 01″ 30. 464′

E 103″ 38. 513′

Place: Full House Restaurant, NZX, Ara Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Price: RM10 – RM20 per person

Category: Western Food