Nokia N8 have come out with one of the features that can let the user to view the document such as PDF and photo from thumb drive to the Nokia N8. Sometime you need to show your classmate your assignment but you do not have any laptop on your hand. With the small and cool gadget, you can view it anytime.

Let me give some tips. If you plan to drive back to your hometown and you need some entertainment, this device is really useful. You can save your favourite movie or music into your thumb drive and hard disk and play it through Nokia N8!

What you need is just 3 stuff.
1: A Nokia N8 phone.
2: USB cable (comes with box).
3: A thumb drive.

Extra: You also can read PDF and Microsoft Office Words 2007 document (.docx), opened with the Quickoffice.

According to the user guide that provided, you also can connect your Nokia N8 with the hard drive as long it is not more than 200mA.

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1: Locate the micro USB end on the phone. It’s on the left side and connect the micro USB end of the cable to the phone. Choose your disk.
2: Choose your file.


3: Choose your favourite music.
4: What you waiting for? You can play the music that you copy into the thumb drive and play it through Nokia N8.


5: Choose your favourite wallpaper.
6: You also can view your favourite wallpaper or photos from your Nokia N8.

7: Last but not least, you also can play your favourite movie or music video from the Nokia N8. I believe it is also support few type of video format. The video that I use is Video Clip (.avi).


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