Still remember my previous post about Maxis loan to me the latest Nokia gadget known as Nokia N8? This time, I would like to introduce some of the features that friendly user for the driver.

What else will be better for the driver?

Smooth journey without lost?
Playing all your favourite songs inside your car with one device?
Avoid traffic jam?

All of that will be answer if you continue read my blog post.
(video & photo is included)

I always had a problem where I could not remember the road that I should take when I want to go some places that I seldom go. Normally, I will use google map and print it before I go to any event. Normally when I want to go event by driving, I will try to go out from my house earlier in order to avoid traffic jam and lost. Sometime I could not control it because it is unpredicted. Previously, I was late to attend some event at The Curve where the traffic jam at LDP is really bad. I never expect that 3pm will be a problem.

I am really lucky that I have Nokia N8 in my hand and it make my life easier. For those who have same problem with me, I have a good news for you.

Check out the video as they drive them around with the latest Nokia gear including CK-200 car kits and Ovi Maps with free navigation

I wish Malaysia have it. A few bloggers got selected to go thru a challenge driving some Audi, Porsche, BMWs etc.


Most of the times when I need to go to new place, I will ask my friend or check the place by using Google. Not enough with that, I will print out the map so that I would not miss the place. I still remember back than when I internship at one of the PR company and most of every day I need to go to different places. When I have a roadshows at IPTA/IPTS in Malaysia, I will have problem to find the exact place. Recently I heard about the OVI Navigation from Nokia that come together in 1 package for the Nokia N8. It is really easy to use and accurate as well. With this system, I do not have any problem in order to find my own way.

1: If you really need to use GPS, I suggest that you guys save the OVI navigation at the main menu page like what I done.
2: You also can go to menu and press the OVI navigation icon.

(1) My position: Start here with your position on the map. Browse the map or switch over to “Find places”.
(2) Search: Find places. Search cities, streets and addresses worldwide as well as services such as hotels, restaurants and ATM’s.
(3) Share location: The easy way to publish your location to Facebook and update your status. Signing in to Ovi and Facebook accounts required.
(4) Favourites: Save your locations and routes for quick access and sync with
(5) Drive: Global car navigation with visual and voice guidance with text-to-speech, lane assistance and speed limits warners. Always arrive to your destinations with optimal driving at your fingertips.
(6) Walk: Detailed pedestrian maps with voice guidance guide you over squares and through parks, pedestrian zones and malls.

3: You can choose either by driving or walking,
4: Press “set destination” icon.

5: It will pop up a browser and press the “search”.
6: Press on the browse categories column.

7: Write the address or name of the place.
8: Choose your place.

9: The OVI navigation started. Enjoy your journey.
10: You can press “options” and you can edit some features such as increase the volume and zoom in/out.

The video version!


1 FM
Have you ever been in situation where suddenly all the songs that play in the radio totally boring? Normally when semester break, I need to go back to my hometown. The problem is, I need to travel quite far such as from Subang to Singapore. I definitely need some music that can wake me up. I like to drive at night but the problem is most of the time the music makes me sleepy.

I really like one of the features that Nokia N8 has where I can play my favourite songs in my car. Since my car damn old, I do not have any usb port for me to connect my iPod. With the FM transmitter features that build in for Nokia N8, It is really save my day. I can play any songs from the Nokia N8 without use any cable to connect it.

1: Open the basic menu and press the Music player icon.
2: Choose your favorite songs album.

2 FM
3: Choose your songs tittle.
4: Play the songs.

3 FM
5: Press option and choose FM transmitter.
6: Make sure you choose the clear frequency. It is mean that frequency that totally do not have any songs or radio channel. Once done it, press the FM transmitter on.

The video version!


Last but not least, Nokia N8 has KL Traffic update features. It is come together with the Nokia N8 and installed. If you worry about the traffic, I believe this features can help you. For me, normally if I stuck in the middle of traffic jam, I will tweet it and share with others people. So, for those who plan to go out, you always can check the traffic condition.

1: Open the basic menu.
2: Press the KL Traffic icon

3: You can read all the update regarding the traffic.
4: If you would like to share some information regarding the traffic, you can press the “post” icon and start share with us.

The video version!


So, what you think about my review? If you want more than that, stay tuned!

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