Before you read the whole post, I would like to ask y0u.

How social are you?

Last Friday, I supposed to have meeting at KLCC (5pm) and 1Utama (7pm). So, I decided to drop by Pavilion to grab my lunch and to see how the Nokai C3 launch progress. For those who follow my blog previously, some of you might realize that I have done the Nokia C3 review .

Celcom came out with new social network gadget that focus on facebook, chat and twitter. Not to mention that it is quite cheap as well.

Recently, there have a lot of gadget that main features is more focus on social network. Recently we have iPhone 4, Blackberry torch and Blackberry Curve 9300. Whatever is your choice, it still focus on social network. For me, I still stick with my old and lousy Nokia N95 8GB. Since I do not have money to buy new phone. Anybody want sponsor me? *puppy eyes*

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*This is not an advertorial.

Can you see the crowd? Due my observation, I realize something about the customer who bought the Nokia C3.

I am not racist but compare with other brand that I attend their launch, this launch have a lot of Malays buyer. It’s that mean Malay love Nokia? or Celcom target market is Malay? From photo itself you guys can see that majority buyers are Malays. I manage to talk with Celcom people who responsible with the Nokia C3 launch and he told me that it is not about the target market. Ok, maybe coincidence.

This the lucky customer who walk away with Nokia C3. For any customer who bought Nokia C3, they have an opportunity to get another new Nokia C3 during the lucky draw.

So, do let me know what you think regarding the Nokia C3 ya.