No more excuses!

true. Everyone makes excuses from time to time. I used to do that too.
Until one day, I asked why do I make excuses? To have less
responsibilities? What about the negative effect? Have you ever met this
kind of people? Me? I met plenty of them. Especially when you work with
freelancers, students or even the professionals. Somehow I just
appreciate that, because of them, I learnt a lot. People can give you a
million of excuses in order for them to have less responsibilities, or
even run from it.

Well, it’s true. I just wonder why
people love to give a lot of excuses and complain. It’s very simple. If
you can do, do it & finish the task. If you can’t complete it,
just be honest.  Excuse or complain never ever bring you anywhere.
Action will lead to a changes, and sorry would not able to solve a
problem. You can’t solve the problem or task by just saying “sorry”.
Someone still need to clean up the mess, isn’t it?

asked me, is giving excuses really a big problem? What do you think? It
will become worst if someone confronts you about it. I prefer to be
straightforward. Some people can accept it but some cannot. I just do
not like to be a hypocrite. I might confront you about it in a joking
manner, but it’s still the same, meaning that I may not respect or trust
you anymore. It’s not easy to change people’s perception but it’s
harder to let people give us another chance because people will look you
as a man who is overly defensive and not dependable, always trying to
run from personal responsibilities.

Some people said
that they are not talented. Oh really? I’m not a talented person. Trust
me. I used to be a failure. For now, I won’t say that I’m a successful
person, but I am just fortunate. If you keep telling me that you are not
able to do something, because you are not talented or because you do
not know how to, then it’s time for you to rethink the purpose of life.
There are thousands of people who persisted until they developed their
talents. It’s simple because they are not lazy and do not simply give
up. Life is unfair, get used to it. That’s what Bill Gates said. For me,
life is not fair, fight for it!

A lot of people said
that they weren’t born rich. If you observe your surrounding and start
to think, you will realize there are hundreds of self-made millionaires.
If you are lazy, you will stay poor forever!  Now, let see if we can
stop giving excuses. It’s actually really simple, but we are the ones
making it complicated. Why do some people give excuses all the time?
Stop giving excuses and you will succeed.

You can make changes! No more excuses!
Time to stop making excuses, and make changes.

1) To understand your problem. First
of all, you need to acknowledge that you have this problem. Never ever
mix fiction and reality and hope it will resolve itself. Explanation is
not enough anymore, because everyone have stopped accepting your
explanations, so should you.

2) Clarification. In
any assignment, you need to understand what the assignment is about in
the first place. If you do not understand, ask. If you feel not capable
enough to do it, you can ask people help or just reject the assignment.
If you forced yourself to accept it, then you will end up laying the
blame on others when you fall short.

3) Stop complaining. Complaining
about others and putting the blame on others won’t make you look any
better. There’s no point to point out other people’s fault because it
would not help you solve a problem.

4) Criticism. You need to accept criticism. It’s like your performance review. Always ask for details so that you can improve.

The choice is yours.