This morning I witnessed the launch of Nivea Whitening. It was something that I look into it since I need something that help me to balance my skin tone. With a lot of whitening brands in the market, Nivea is a brand that I familiar with since I was a kid.

The excitement for the “Flaunt it. Fair and Firm” campaign did not end there. It will continue till end of April where NIVEA will be flying Adam Saak all the way from United Stated to Malaysia for a ‘cutting’ edge fashion show where he will demonstrate his skills, armed with only a pair of scissors. Leveraging on the interesting fashion trend – ‘the cut-out clothing’, his demonstration is to communicate the message that you can flaunt your skin however you want it if it is fair and firm.

The highest prize in a world of men is the most beautiful woman available on your arm and living there in her heart loyal to you.
I used to tell myself “as a man, looks is not important. The most important is wallet” then I realized we need both to compliment one and another. Running my own production company, most of the time I will get exposed under hot sun for a quite long duration and that’s one of the main reasons why my skin tone is not balance.
I’m not sure if you can see, but if you see properly my arms, you can see the different skin tone. Dark and fair. I was so convinced with the #NiveaMy new product during the launch just now and let’s give it a try since they said I can see the results within 14days.
Since this is my first time to use lotion, can someone tell me what the different between lotion and body serum? Between instant white, extra white, night white and anti-age white, which one is the best or which one should I use first?
Please forgive me for the lack of #metrosexual knowledge. Still learning.

NIVEA Whitening and Firming range is developed using Vitamin C of 95% purity to repair dull and uneven skin from sun exposure while the Q10 is a powerful skin own coenzyme found in every human cell that ensures energy supply for skin cell. However, this coenzyme decreases with age! Therefore NIVEA Q10 is well known for its anti-wrinkling, anti-oxidation and boosting cell energy to give a tight looking; firmer skin. By combining both key ingredients in the formulation, skin becomes fair and firm after regular application. 

NIVEA Whitening & Firming Lotion, price starting from RM10.50
– NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Lotion SP 15
– NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Lotion

NIVEA Whitening & Firming Serum, Price starts from RM9.50
– NIVEA Anti-Age White Firming Body Serum SPF 33
– NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF 33
– NIVEA Instant White Firming Body Serum SPF 33
– NIVEA Night White Firming Body Serum

NIVEA Whitening & Firming Cream, price starting from RM12.90
– NIVEA White & Repair UV Body Cream