Just got back from Nikon Malaysia’s 10th Anniversary launch at Midvalley and everything is just great. Not to mention that the number of Nikon DSLR and Canon DSLR user who attend the launch are equal.. iLIKE!

The event kick off by arrival of media and guest and continue with the speech by managing director of Malaysia and Singapore Nikon. Right after the launch, all of the media have an opportunity to have the first preview of the exhibition. All of us had the tour and brief by the managing director about the Nikon exhibition.

Nikon is celebrating 10 amazing years in Malaysia! Since the establishment of Nikon Malaysia in April 2001, they have been committed to delivering the best products and services to you.

Throughout this 10-year journey, they have improved their offering through various efforts like NPS, Nikon Centre (Berjaya Times Square), Nikon Shop (Alamanda, Putrajaya) and regional service centres (Penang) to give you the best photography experience in Malaysia.

The exhibition.

Let image speak.

Launch of Nikon Club Malaysia

Nikon Club is formed solely to unite all Nikon (including Coolpix compact) users and to create a common voice and a common fraternity club for Nikon photographers in Malaysia. LinkNikoners believe in the Nikon imaging technology and are proud owners of Nikon cameras and its accessories. We are passionate as Nikon users and this fraternity club will be a resource centre to share photography interests and to contribute to the growth of the aesthetic and expressive scope of photography as a vital art form and a living communication tool.

Nikoners welcomes any collectors, photo enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals into the club. Members will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share their passion for photography among peer users who understands and uses Nikon range of products extensively. We strive to provide fast and easy access to the latest photography product information, updated industry Linknews, share real hands-on experiences, images and data.

Through its website, the Club wishes to provide for the Nikon community in Malaysia an interactive venue that gives easy access and informative feedbacks whenever needed. We wish to encourage all Coolpix and Nikon users to communicate openly with a common interest; that is photography with Nikon. We would like to see a strong friendship develop among its members and the Club.

Among the benefits:

All Nikon users will be eligible to participate in our programs of events and activities such as:
Photo Contest
Up-to-date Discussions
Photo Galleries
Bi-monthly Snapshot Newsletter
News Blog
Mentoring Programs
Constructive Critics
Photo Excursions

Nikon Professional Services. They will serve you 😉

Nikon Professional Services was established to serve professional photographers around the world. They are dedicated to providing the ultimate support to professional photographers and their specialist needs.

Mike Yip trying the Nikon D3x with 400mm!

The gallery. You can see they have a lot of good picture as the collection. Do not miss it!

10 Subjects, 10 Experts!

According to them, many of the world’s best photographers have made Nikon their trusted partner in the development of their careers. They will be sharing their stories and photos at Nikon event. So don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from these photography masters!

With the Nikon Managing Director!

History of Nikon:
The history of Nikon dates back to 1917 when three of Japan’s leading optical manufacturers merged to form a fully integrated optical company. By the end of the century Nikon would have accumulated an immense poll of know-how and experience to become a world leader in not only optics and imaging but also industrial equipment and health and medicine sector.

Today Nikon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a gamut of optical, photographic and optoelectronic products globally. You will find them at work in virtually every corner of the earth. If it has something to do with light, Nikon has something to do with it.

The driving force behind Nikon is technology. Not only in manufacturing and assembling the finest lenses or most comprehensive photography system in the world, but also in making the glass itself. That is why Nikon products have gained worldwide customer satisfaction, and even professional recognition worldwide.

In Malaysia, Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which was established in April 2001, now represents Nikon Corporation’s presence. Over the years Nikon has established a strong base in Malaysia through a local distributor. Now, Nikon Malaysia will further reinforce this excellent platform to enhance Nikon’s brand image and brand promise through various activities and programs.

Nikon Malaysia has essentially the exclusive rights to distribute and market the complete range of Nikon imaging products and instruments throughout East and West Malaysia. These include all available cameras, binoculars as well as microscopes and technical measuring instruments.

Blogger who attend the launch.

With Esther and Shannon!

See you in the exhibition!


The workshop:



The speaker:

Ahmad Zamroni: Photojournalism
Manny Librodo: Portrait
Khalid Redza: Sports
Deanna Ng: Street

Dr. Teh Ban Hup: Light
Khaled Hasan: Documentary
Stefen Chow: Industrial
Mizz Studio: Lifestyle

Jim Liaw: Wedding
Cade Prudente: Wildlife

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