Football in malayia? I should interview some of the youth outside there but then I forget liao. Nike write the future or FAM? Some people just know to comment about Malaysia football but can they really play? Ok, at least we can do something that what we can do most right? Especially during FIFA… All go mamak have their roti canai & teh tarik LOL

1Malaysia… Good Luck =.=”

The Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 2010 reached fever pitch as 360 small-sided teams battled it out during tournament finals at Dataran Merdeka for the honor of being crowned city champions. The tournament called upon aspiring aged 14 to 19 years old to compete in street style football set against the urban backdrop of Kuala Lumpur’s most recognizable landscapes. More than 2,000 teams comprising over 10,000 young footballers participated in the 6 qualifying rounds with 360 teams advancing to the final stage.

The tournament is divided into two categories; Under 16 comprising youths aged 14-16 years and Under-19 for participants between 17 – 19 years. The senior team will be battling it out to win the top honour of training at the fabled Granja Comary in Brazil, home to the Brazilian national team whilst the junior category can look forward to a three-month training program with the Brasil Futsal Academy in Malaysia.

The Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 2010 delivered in its mission to embody the ultimate celebration of diversity in football bringing together football fans from across Kuala Lumpur under an illumination and potpourri of the arts, music and football combined to represent the essence of the city’s unique football identity.

The tournament aimed to provide a platform for young footballers to showcase their talent and express themselves competitively amongst their peers. Its tagline “Blah Kalau Goyah” is the battle cry for teams to challenge each other and push themselves to the limit. Its very intonation represents the spirit that resides within young local footballers to whom football is more than a sport, but a way of life.

“The Nike Cup Kuala Lumpur 2010 is igniting a global celebration of football as we celebrate the sports biggest event this summer. The local tournament aims to amplify football with local elements that celebrate the identity of our city and give our youths an unforgettable tournament experience. Nike is continuously dedicated towards finding unique ways and means to further encourage youngsters to improve their football skills and potential on a competitive level,” said Menaha Nadaraja, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Malaysia.

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The best part is, they prepare the media & VIP comfortable + air cond + food + drink + girls.. ooopppsss there’s no girls k… The food not bad. Damn nice.. Free flow till die wei…

The crowd!

This band quite nice wei… but sad sad sad… Dunno who are they oso ^^”

Bunkface, like usual with their “colorful” dress… haha I mean their attire XP
They enjoyed “skyrocketing” mainstream success in Malaysia to date. Heavily influenced by Blink 182, Green Day and Sum 41 in their music, they won the cult rock magazine ROTTW’s Battle of the Band in 2006.

Final futsal match.

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