Today i went to night market that located at Cempaka puri with my housemates. What can I say about this night market is quite famous among the Nilai University College student since only the place that you can buy a lot of things and also the college provide free transport until 4 bus. It is just a normal night market but some time quite interesting where did you can see a lot of style how they promote their product.

They use hand glove to maintain the quality & hygiene of the cake.

Mini secret recipe that offer you a variety of cake from cheese cake to chocolate cake that just RM6.50 – RM8.00

Some of the situation of the night market even though rain, still crowded.

Tau Fu Fa with White sugar (my favourite)

Tau Fu Fa with Brown Sugar.

Tau Fu Fa with Red Syrup (new)

Tau Fu Fa that will cost you at RM1.40 is the compulsory desert for me if I or my housemates went to night market. They have 2 Chinese stall that sell Tau Fu Fa. But for me, the nicer one is the stall that located almost at the last stall. You can choose a lot of variety flavor such as brown sugar and white sugar and now they have red syrup.

Some of the stall at night market:

The Steam Boat stall RM0.80 – RM3.

Famous Uncle Bop Fried Chicken & Popcorn Chicken RM5

Vegetable stall Rm0.50 – RM5.

At the end, we just bought Tau Fu Fa and some vegetable.