Hi guys… I met a new family…


People keep asking me why I want serve Advertlets… There’s have a lot of reason behind of it. I was end my January 2010 with a adventure trip with my new family to Broga Hill and had my nice meal with my new family @ Broga as well… Will post about it later ya..

I will start my February 2010 with my new family in my New Photography Blog… Advertlets…

This blog I will serve Nuffnang because..
(I still love U Nuffnang XD)

It’s really hard to leave any one of it… Suresh & Wen… dont tiau me ya T.T
Azrin, stop poison my brain ya hehe XP

I believe that Advertlets or Nuffnang is not the issue… I love blogging because of meet a new people and make my life meaningful… So, regardless who we are, we still a bloggers!

Hiking to Broga Hill… Picture credit to Augustine!

Makan2 Trip @ Broga!

Quite busy for this 2 days because I will leave my another family soon… Who? Will let you guys know too XD

Visit my new blog ya …

Little Monkey Shot!