Hi Guys…
Malaysian Police Suck?!!!
I supposed to post about Sole What Grand Opening With Star Wars! @ The Gardens
But since I’m damn pissed off today, I will post about what happened just now!

Today I supposed doing a roadshow with my click at Cheras Taman Connought.
On our way to Taman connought, we drop by at Petronas station which is nearby with the Night Market. After that, from far we saw a police traffic do a roadblock! So, we believe that we didn’t do anything wrong, so we just pass by the roadblock. The police stop us and said that we do something wrong. They told us that we can’t use that way and said that we try to use a short cut!

He is Indian police traffic and I felt there’s have something wrong there! We try to “settle” and I tried to record a video using my N95! After that, he said “Sudah ambil gambar?”

So, I pretending nothing happen and keep talk and arguing with him.

I believe I’m not doing anything wrong because…
There’s no any sign board that wrote one way or cannot enter or anything that can tell us we can’t turn that way…
Hallooo Mr. Police be clever a bit la!!!

The reason that I tried to record a video because…
I get fine few times before at SS2 area with policeman at night and also wangsa maju area which is not my fault!!!
I end up with lost RM50 to them!

The reason that I not doing any report because…
Halllooo… this is Malaysia la… You need prove to do a report!!!

The Stupid Part Is!
He said that:

1: “Kalau nak ambil gambar, pergilah balai police dan ambil semua gambar kakitangan police yang kerja disana!”

2: “Saya saman awak sebab kawan awak kurang ajar sebab ambil gambar saya”
(talk to my friend who drove a car)

So, Did I get fine because of that reason?