Marky and I inviting 10 food/lifestyle bloggers (or relevant) for a food tasting session at Kashmir Cafe on 23.05.2010 (Sunday) 3PM. Doesn’t matter if you fly a Nuffnang banner or Advertlets banner or no banner at all, as long as you’re a relevent blogger. Food and drinks will be FREE. You are only expected to blog honestly about it as a food review within two weeks of the session. Free food (I’ve tasted it, it’s worth trying!) . Due to limited seatings, I will unfortunately have to select who is coming and this is not on a first-come-first-served basis. Sorry lah, can’t possibly invite all my blogger friends.

Kashmir Cafe in SS3 is a family-run restaurant that serves Indian food. They’ve been in the business since 1979 but took a break in 2007 due to family matters. Recently they’ve reopened in the same row of shop lots where the original restaurant once was. Here’s a brief overview of the restaurant and what you can expect:

They serve banana leaf rice, mutton/chicken briyanis (their specialty) and a variety of Indian dishes. Also available are rotis and thosais (got some interesting ones as well – I love their chicken malasa rava thosai). They have lassi as well. All their spice mixtures are made from scratch – none of that packaged store-bought stuff.

Very clean, very well-ventilated. It’s just a like a normal shop lot, but the inside is a bit like a cafe. Service is great, unlike most banana leaf places. Quite comfortable even in the hot weather.

Prices are lower than cafe prices, you get what you pay for. For our session, everything is free and you can pick whatever you want to eat (please be responsible and not overly greedy).

So, if you’re interested just complete this:
1: Fill up this form!
2: Leave some comment in this post what you think about it.
3: Submit your application together with one your best food post url before Sunday 16th May.
4: Invites will be sent out through email and will require confirmation of attendance by invited bloggers. Should an invited blogger not confirm their attendance, the invite will be passed to other bloggers in line.

Note: Thanks to Freaky Fitness for the picture